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Sourland Bouldering

Sourland Bouldering - $9.99 NEW!

Manhattan on the Rocks

Manhattan on the Rocks - $14.99 NEW!

Lincoln Woods Bouldering

Lincoln Woods Bouldering - $14.99 NEW!

Nine Corner Lake Bouldering

Nine Corner Lake Bouldering - $14.99

Birdsboro Routes

Birdsboro Routes - $14.99

McKenzie Pond Bouldering

McKenzie Pond Bouldering - $9.99

Thacher Park Routes

Thacher Park Routes - $9.99 - 50% goes to the TCC (Thacher Climbing Coalition)

Governor Stable Bouldering

Governor Stable Bouldering - $12.99 - 55% goes to SCPC (South Central PA Climbers)

Mountainside Park Bouldering

Mountainside Park Bouldering - $4.99

Haycock Bouldering

Haycock Bouldering - $19.99

Trapps Bouldering

Trapps Bouldering - $19.99 - 10% goes to the Mohonk Preserve

Nears Bouldering

Nears Bouldering - $4.99 - 10% goes to the Mohonk Preserve

Peter's Kill Bouldering

Peter's Kill Bouldering - $9.99

Trapps Routes

Trapps Routes - $24.99 - 10% goes to the Mohonk Preserve

Nears Routes

Nears Routes - $9.99 - 10% goes to the Mohonk Preserve

Peter's Kill Routes

Peter's Kill Routes - $14.99



Gunks Apps provides the Gunks+ app for iPhone and Android, and digital guidebooks for the Trapps, Nears, and Peter's Kill rock climbing cliffs and boulders in the Shawangunks of New York. We have expanded into other parts of the Northeast, including eastern Pennsylvania, the Adirondacks, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. Each guidebook includes route details, a tick list, filtering, and GPS/compass navigation. Each route has a high-res base photo, high-res aerial topo, and pitch-by-pitch description including descent info. Search the list by grade, protection, ticked status, or stars. Unlike print books, the apps are kept up-to-date with new climbs, photos, closures, and condition information. Whether you're a 30 year veteran or planning your first trip, the Gunks+ app will provide all the information you need.

The Trapps Routes was initially released at the end of 2014. The Nears Routes was released in October 2015. Peter's Kill Bouldering was released in December 2015, Trapps Bouldering in March 2016, Peter's Kill Routes in May 2016, Nears Bouldering in August 2016, Haycock Bouldering in September 2016, Mountainside Park Bouldering in April 2017, Governor Stable Bouldering and Thacher Park Routes in June 2017, McKenzie Pond Bouldering in July 2017, Birdsboro Routes in September 2017, Lincoln Woods in December 2017, Manhattan on the Rocks in January 2018, and Sourland Bouldering in February 2018. All these guidebooks continue to receive updates. See the Update History for details about subsequent content changes.


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